Dr. Michael Salla – Récent messages Twitter Hint à Beginnings possibles de l’Antarctique Informations à fournir sur CNN, CBS

By Shem El-Jamal

During the week of February 9th, Dr. Michael Salla posted a number of interesting links on his Twitter page. These posts were on the subject of the planned partial disclosure by the Cabal which we have heard so much about. This partial disclosure would involve the tactic of using the Antarctic excavation and discoveries to dazzle the public in such a way that would allow the Cabal to escape justice. Their hope is that when their crimes of pedophilia, a century of global extortion, financial fraud, societal manipulation, and mass murder all come to the surface, we will all be too amazed to care.


Proof of Progress – Clear Moves toward Real Investigations into Government Corruption; Soros-Funded Uprisings Used as Countermeasures

The Twitter posts on Dr. Salla’s page reference the fact that the corporate media is already on site in Antarctica claiming that they are reporting on climate change and the melting of the ice sheet. However, as we have heard, the situation may be much more interesting. Here are Dr. Salla’s posts from February 9th through the 11th.

CNN to report on Antarctica Discoveries Next Week?

Visit to Antarctica Confirms Discovery of Flash Frozen Alien Civilization – Dr. Michael Salla and Exopolitics

These reveal quite an interesting story of the possible plans of the Cabal in their efforts to escape judgement. To add to these posts, here is CBS with their own explanation of their presence in the Antarctic.

As part of CBS News’ “Climate Diaries” series, correspondent Mark Phillips has traveled to Antarctica to report on climate change. We’ll be posting video of the segments here as they air on CBS This Morning and CBS Evening News throughout the week.

Phillips told TVNewser, “With any luck, the biggest take away from our reporting here will be to turn the climate change argument, which has gotten very political, back to science. The polar regions are where the evidence of climate change is greatest, and what happens here will eventually affect us all.”

traduction de l’article complet sur: http://www.theeventchronicle.com/antarctica/dr-michael-salla-recent-twitter-posts-hint-possible-beginnings-antarctic-disclosures-cnn-cbs/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=facebook_page&utm_medium=The%20Event%20Handbook&utm_content=Dr.%20Michael%20Salla%20-%20Recent%20Twitter%20Posts%20Hint%20at%20Possible%20Beginnings%20of%20Antarctic%20Disclosures%20on%20CNN,%20CBS


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